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Why Buy Original Art?

I hear you; I was once someone that never purchased a piece of original art and never thought about it. Why should I if I can buy cute colorful paintings at those reproductions at local stores. I could buy every season if I wanted to.

UNTIL I purchased my first original painting. I was not aware of that feeling that would come with owning an original from an artist I knew. I saw in his eyes this look of knowing one of his creations was going to out into the world and would forever stand on its own.

First, let me give you a definition of “Original Art.” It is original because it is one of a kind. An artist created a piece of art with their hands and no other art piece is the same. Original artwork is hand-produced, the artist picked out each color specifically chosen and hand-applied and applied each layered in their style. Those pieces of art that I purchased in a store never had that mystery to it. They are reproductions created on a machine. There is absolutely no pure paint on them, they are so to say, flat. I wonder how many other people have one of the same pictures in their home that I had on my wall!

So, let me ask this question, why would I be writing an article on why I feel you should collect original art? What can I say in this short blog to convince you to buy a piece of original art , especially if you really are OK with those pieces of art that are in those stores that are made in the hundreds.

Note here, I an not here to rag on you if you if I cannot convince you, I am just here to allow you to hear my experience in hopes that you will be open enough to keep reading.


Connecting with something happens when you FEEL something, are inspired by something, or get that feeling you cannot life without it. I feel you should buy art that you love, connect with, and enjoy looking at. You should be inspired when you walk into you room and look at your painting, sculpture, or other art piece. For me, it is not even the cost of that original piece of art more than it is the emotional connection forge that happens. I have heard more than once, people tell me that if they connect with a piece of art, they will find a way to purchase it, no matter the cost!! I assure you, when you have a collection of original art, no matter how many pieces you have, each piece will have a story and each one will speak to you. I am sure that store buy piece will not have that same connection, it just doesn’t.

If you are fortunate enough to have met the artist, you feel as if there is this incredible connection that stays with the art.

You Have a Story.

There is such power in being able to tell a story about a piece of art to your guest that walk into your room and comment on your art. You have gone through the process of connection with your art already, you might have actually met the artist, and heard their story behind the creation. You have already had your personal connection story with the piece of art and there is a deep personal connection you can share with others.


What I mean by presence, is a piece of original art evokes a sense of personality, a depth that holds it own. For me my first piece claimed it space quickly and held its own even when other styles were added around it.

Original art can be mixed in style. I personally mix my landscapes with my abstracts as their aspect of being original, their depth in paint, the layers hold their own.

Investment Value.

For the most part, original art should appreciate in its value. As an artist, when I see a painting, I always include a “Statement of Authenticity” with my pieces. I also sign and include my information on the back right on the canvas, so no matter where the piece goes, this authenticity statement goes with it. If the piece is handed down in the family, they will always know my name, the title of the painting and the year I painted it.

Wall of Art.

I personal dedicate a part of a wall to other artist that have move me. Some piece are from artist I have connected with and other pieces are paintings that speak to me. Both ways of collection original art is special. This part of my wall has such incredible energy.

What Others Think.

I asked on my social media why others purchase original art and I loved some of the comments. I wanted to include them below:

“I am blessed to be able to afford original art from artists who I am proud to allow space in my home. I buy it because it is one of a kind (or if it’s a print directly from the artist, one of a few) and because it moves me and because it supports a soul whose soul connects with mine or with the cosmos in a way that touches me.” Jennifer Bryan

“I love to have the good energy of the original art of artists I admire in my home. It brings me joy every day. I love to support artists who are spreading light to the world.” Donna Mulholland

“I do have one artist in particular that … constantly pushes in new directions so she holds my ‘collector’ interest.” Trina Locke Tarlton

“Original art is not only a one-of-a-kind work that supports artists, it is an investment.…. I truly believe there is no comparison as seeing original art in person. A reproduction cannot possibly capture the textures, true colors, fine details, or even the scent of an original piece of art.” Brand Pfeidle

In closing, let me say this. Art of all forms evoke emotions. It encourages people to ask questions, think deep into why their emotions are evoked. Especially original art brings about conversations and dialogues that allows each person that looks at the art form to express their own respective thoughts. Many times, there is the evolution of thoughts that seem to be spoken that might not have been there had it not been for that art form to evoke those emotions.

I encourage you, if you have never owned or purchased a piece of original art to seek an artist that stimulates your tastes and purchase a piece. Start a collection that ca be built upon as you find pieces you love. Until you have experiences this feeling you might not understand why I am challenging you to do this. Owning original art, seems to evoke this positive energy that makes life simply better. Have you gone into a city that might be overtaken by devastation and seen the transformation that happens when the walls are painted with a mural of art? There is this magical transformation that overtakes, and a healing takes place.

And lastly, supporting an artist is just …. A good things to do!!!

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