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9" x 12""



Magenta, Blue, Yellow, White.

"Aurora Whispers" beckons you into a mesmerizing realm where the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights unfolds on canvas. This captivating painting, adorned with hues of pink, blue, and yellow, whispers secrets of cosmic beauty. Each stroke tells a tale of celestial wonder, as the colors meld and swirl in harmonious choreography. The luminous vibrancy of the aurora borealis is captured with a delicate touch, creating a piece that emanates both tranquility and cosmic energy. "Aurora Whispers" is more than art; it's a celestial symphony that brings the awe-inspiring magic of the night sky into your living space. Embrace the whispers of the aurora and let this painting transform your surroundings into a haven of celestial enchantment.


NO MAT, Art only


Aurora Whispers

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