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36" x 36" 1.5"


The artist was at a point in her journey that she had to do some reflections.  All artists go through this time where they look at what is important.  

Here are her words she posted in her social media on this painting.  "Lately I have been self-reflecting. I have been asking God to show me where He wants my art journey to be. When I tried to direct it myself, I feel I was unfilled and my direction as unclear. So, I only start my day asking God to direct my art journey, even if it is a small whisper. He knows what is best for me. He also knows the desires of my heart. I know those two will entwine in a perfect path. I am a strong woman but very emotionally driven. I am ok actually with that as this emotional strength provided an inspirational direction that I apply to my canvas.

Entwined Perfection

SKU: 210617
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