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36" x 36"
"Net Positive Vibs"

"Net Positive Vibes “ is about Encouragement During a Time of Waiting" It is a soul-stirring portrayal from a woman's perspective, awash in soothing beige tones accented by delicate charcoal lines and a touch of tranquil blue. As I contemplate this work of art, it evokes the profound sense of anticipation, hope, and trust in God's plan during moments of waiting.

The beige hues represent the patience and resilience that define our journey, while the charcoal lines delicately outline the intricate pathways of our lives, often filled with twists and turns. It's as if this painting serves as a visual prayer, a reminder that even in times of uncertainty, we can find solace in the net positive vibes of encouragement and unwavering faith, knowing that God's hand guides us along our unique and beautiful path

Net Positive Vibs

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