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36" x 36"

Acrylic, Highly Colored

Oranges, Blue, Pink, White


"Sunset's Passion" radiates with the fervor of this artist's soul enraptured by the fiery embrace of the coastal horizon. The painting of this canvas with the explosion of brilliant hues, each shade a fervent tribute to the passionate emotions evoked by the setting sun. As vivid oranges blend with a symphony of other bright colors, the artwork I felt like I was creating a symphony and my strokes became a visual crescendo of awe and admiration. In every brushstroke, I wanted to capture the raw intensity of that fleeting, breathtaking moment of the waves hitting the shore. "Sunset's Passion" portray this fervent love affair with nature, urging me to feel the warmth of the sand beneath my feet, the salty breeze on my skin, and the fiery glow that ignites the heart with a passion as deep and endless as the sea itself.

Sunsets Passion

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