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About Cheryl


I am an abstract artist. I paint intuitively by  embracing spontaneity to allow passionate paintings to be born through a  transforming layering process of acrylics and inks. Each layer informs  the next story of paint.  In addition to layers often you will find  handmade papers, handpainted canvas pieces, sand, coffee, glass beads or perhaps even a gum wrapper invoking the  question of what story is being revealed.

My creations are bold  and expressive abstracts with layer upon layer of paint scrapes, and  expressive marks.  I title my artwork by what occurred while painting  the piece: my thoughts, what moves me, what struggles I had during the  creation of the work, words spoken on the news while painting the art  that that resonate to the piece, sometimes a song with lyrics that  influence my strokes. I never intentionally start out a painting with  the end in mind, all of my pieces create themselves as each layer  informs the next into something that is totally surprising and unexpected.

I paint what I feel, how I feel, and each found  object in my art continues that story.  It is my hope that you find a  connection to my work and might, if only for a moment, become captivated  and feel something within yourself.

The life-changing event that  turned the corporate pen into a paintbrush was the dark world of  Alzheimer’s that struck her mother.

"I could not wait any longer to paint in the event that world captured me as well. Leaving the  boardroom behind, giving up the black high heels was easy when what emerged is a new language expressed on canvas. This language expresses the freedom and unbound passion to create and let my art direct itself  without fear or influences that has previously stifled my intuitive style."

My Inspiration

As soon as my brush hits my painting something magical happens.  My brush takes on my emotions and creates my personal signature.  Each piece of art I create is unique and created from a depth within. 

I am often asked "what is your inspiration?"

Inspiration is the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions of something that is within into an inspiring agent or influence. I create my art with the passion I have in life.  I honestly feel that being inspired is a gift.  I think many times we can be so busy that we block our minds to being inspired and miss out on the gift that is waiting to change us.  Perhaps not a huge change, but enough to make us move from stagnation to creation. For instance, Mozart, and a string quartet blaring in the background was actually what inspired me to create my "Vertigo" pieces.  It is my hope that you will be equally inspired by my work and that my paintings speak to you, moves you, or even makes you dream.


About Me....

I am an Air Force Veteran living in the burbs outside of Washington DC.  I live with my husband and my sweet studio cat, Diva. I have a grown son, a daughter in love and an incredible grandson. I love coffee, espresso's and painting is my passion.  As an artist, I have been creating, exhibiting, and selling multi-layered & textured abstract paintings to collectors, corporations, and working with interior designers for nearly a decade. It is said that my painting are intuitive, embracing spontaneity allowing passionate paintings to be born through a transforming layering process of acrylics and inks. Each layer informs the next story of paint.  On any given day, my studio is filled with large canvases filled with layers of paint that tell my story. 

I have paintings on HGTV's Bargain Mansion;s", residencies outside of Buckingham Palace, on the walls of a home a home on5th avenue, New York and many other sweet homes worldwide.

I want my art to be a place where each person can embrace their own individual style. I tell my clients....  "Your place should be as unique as you are!!  Your space is where you have your central importance, your voice, the place you re energize yourself.  You can be a loner there, or you can entertain to let others into your world.  It is one place you can feel like yourself and surround yourself with things that speak to you  and inspire you.  Your surroundings should tell YOUR personal story."

When I do commissions, I learn as much about the person that will own the painting as I can as a part of them should be revealed in the artwork in some way.


  • I believe that your space should reflect YOUR inner voice

  • I believe your space should motivate you and calm you at the same time

  • I believe surroundings are unique and should lead to your clarity and joy

Cheryl xoxo

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