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230201 12x18 Paper Silent Words 5.jpg

TORN Series

“I am torn between three. one who was, one who should be and then there is me"


In this series of artwork, my art and my current mindset intersect. Each piece in this body of work seeks to explore my current emotional energy through an artistic expression that is edgy and at times unconventional. Each piece of work is highly expressive and personal, with a focus on texture and layering to create depth and complexity in each piece.

With influences from my transition in my lifestyle and the way I currently view my world, it is my hope that my work allows the opportunity for the audience to feel some of the depth of emotion and passion I feel.  I paint each piece with their own personal verse of poetry.

In this body of work, I have decided to evoke the feeling: “do it afraid.” My painting are bold, aggressive and at times, outside of the boundaries.

Threaded throughout this body of work are bold strokes, torn canvases, textured layers, all to evoke raw emotions back from the onlooker. Some piece might be considered as breaking the rules, but so is the aging determinants of health.

With this changing approach to life, I am sharing my emotions within my art in hopes you might feel my current life situation. I search for who I am today, thoughts matter no matter how irrational they still need to be understood, very deep are scars that are healed but not resolved. The stillness is loud, uncertainty is real in the end my faith heals.