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My Personal Art Studio....

Art is my life..... and my art studio is my creative haven where I could spend hours creating, experimenting and even playing. It is filled with canvases, paints, brushes, tools, papers and so much more.

I turn on my classical music and block out the world.

I have been asked by many of my collectors, what does your art studio look like? I have had some ask to come see where I created their painting. I love this!!

As soon as you enter my art space, you will know it is no ordinary space. It is personal, it is created as only I as the owner of my space would create. Each splatter, each crumbled paper towel, unfinished canvas all tell my story and no one else's. All my tables are full of paint from past palettes. My paint stool was created with paint from palettes left over from a days work. I can never have too many paint brushes or tubes of my favorite colors.

In this space, I have created a sanctuary with there are no distractions and I can lose myself in work. I am known for days where my studio is in total chaos as I work through a series but the chaos is needed until I finish my work.

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