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Interested in Mentoring:

On Line Abstract Art Training:

Zoom Abstract Art Training:
Contact Cheryl at:
Three (3) 40 minute mentoring sessions with Cheryl Wilson $375
Contact Cheryl at: for initial questionnaire. 

Advanced students only w/portfolio of around 100 to 200 paintings

In Person Classes will include a Supply Fee (TBD)

Painting Review: 


One (1) Painting Reviewed: $29.00

Two (2) Paintings Reviewed: $45.00

Three (3) Paintings Reviewed: $75.00

In my "a la carte" reviewing your abstract painting, I will provide a thorough review of your painting looking for several things. I look at composition, examining the interplay of shapes, lines, and negative space might affect the visual balance and flow of the painting as a whole. I look at the values within the artwork (this is usually a huge issue). I'll closely analyze the design elements, the patterns, textures, and geometric forms to offer suggestions. I talk to the color you use in relation to the over all composition. If needed, I will offer computer generated suggestions on how to move or change shapes to allow for a better flow for the eye through the painting. I will change the values to show how just sometimes a slight (or a huge) change in value can make such a difference.) I have been known to spend upwards to an hour on each painting to give you my fullest feedback.


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