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"18" x 24"

"Emotionally Resolved" speaks to the profound journey of self-discovery from a woman's perspective. In this painting, an array of rich brown tones, intertwined with the bold strokes of black and a touch of blue, exudes a captivating sense of depth and vulnerability.

Charcoal and mixed media add intricate layers, mimicking the complexities of emotions and experiences that have shaped her. As I immerse myself in this artwork, it's as if I can sense the woman's unwavering commitment to authenticity and vulnerability. The warm browns symbolize a solid foundation of self-awareness, a testament to the strength that comes from acknowledging one's emotions. The dark accents of black and blue stand not as shadows, but as bold statements of her courage to confront life's challenges head-on.

"Emotionally Resolved" is a visual journey through the heart and mind, inviting us to witness the transformative power of embracing one's emotions, a testament to the resilience and beauty that comes with being truly present in one's emotional landscape

Emotionally Resolved

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