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12" x 18"

Acrylic, Black Crayon on Paper


"Emotive Whispers" is an abstract expressionist paper piece that beckons viewers into an enigmatic realm of raw emotion and subtle profundity. With a single red mark serving as a focal point, it exudes a sense of intense feeling, like an unspoken secret longing to be revealed. The painting is alive with a dance of emotional marks, each stroke and hue a testament to the innermost sentiments on a SUnday. Amidst this vivid display of feelings, a black crayon leaves its distinct mark, as if etching the unspoken thoughts and sentiments that often linger beneath the surface. This painting is an invitation to listen closely to the whispers of the heart, to engage with the unspoken and the abstract, and to explore the depths of emotion that reside within us all.


Emotive Whispers

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