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24" x 24" .78

Sold with a Wooden Black Floater Frame


This abstract painting, a captivating cornflower blue color with rough charcoal marks is telling a story within a composition of fused energy. What truly sets this artwork apart is the innovative use of two 12" x 24" canvases joined together, with gauze layered to create a unique and tactile texture. The combination of the serene blue tones and the rough texture invites collectors to immerse themselves in a rich sensory experience,one that you can connect with, evoking a sense of both intrigue and curiosity, an almost Fused Resilience. I have stapled the two canvas together and framed them as one. I wanted this rough look to create the tension between the calming blue and the roughness of the texture and two joining canvases. The added gauze texture is deliberately left loose at the top and bottom on one of the pieces to keep that rough feeling. We all have rough days that leave us uneasy, but we but stay strong to portray this outward resilience. Somehow it all works!!

Fused Resilience

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