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12" x 12"

Acrylic, graphite, Pen on canvas


As I painted this small canvas that is within a series call “Torn,” a world of emotions and memories is shown on my canvas. Each stroke of captures the intricate journey of a woman navigating the labyrinth of aging, a journey that resonates deeply within me. The canvas becomes a mirror reflecting the reality of growing older, where the challenges and triumphs are intertwined like the threads of life. The layers tell tales of resilience, of facing the uncertainties with courage, and of embracing the beauty found within the cracks.

In my "Torn," series. I've sought to embody the complexities of this journey, using every brushstroke to depict the moments of vulnerability and strength. The canvas whispers past struggles faced, losses I endured, and the newfound life wisdom. But amidst the fragments and tears, there's a resounding message of empowerment. Just as the canvas is pieced together with intention, so too is the story of the woman depicted. With each canvas in the series, I strive to illuminate the profound strength that comes from acknowledging the torn edges and celebrating the beauty of imperfection. Through "Torn," I hope to capture the hearts of those who have walked this path and to shed light on the remarkable significance found in the process of healing and growth.


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