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12" x 18"
Acrylic, Mixed Media on Paper

"It's Complicated," a minimalistic acrylic on paper in soothing gray tones adorned with bold strokes of black, is a visual representation of my intricate life journey, one that's beautifully complex yet deeply fulfilling. I choose muted shades, intertwined with striking contrasts, to be much like the intricate tapestry of my life's experiences. The gray, like the quieter moments, symbolizes my journey's challenges (which I embrace) while the bold black strokes signify the strength that has emerged from within me. Just as this painting holds a delicate balance, my life, too, is a careful interplay of joy and complexity. In its subtlety, "It's Complicated" reminds me that despite the intricacies of my path, I've found happiness within the beautifully tangled threads of my existence.

It's Complicated

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