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24" x 24"


Sold wit a black floater frame

"Neutral Math Problem" is a fascinating piece that really delves into the intricacies of texture and composition. It's this blend of Highly Textured and Layered elements that gives it such depth. You've got these muted tones dominating the canvas, creating this sort of contemplative vibe, and then those pops of black that just draw you in deeper. What's really cool is how the artist mixes in different materials, like wooden paper, which kind of bridges this gap between the natural and the abstract. And then there's the way they use the palette knife to add texture—it's like every stroke has a purpose, you know? It's all about structure and context, and when you really look at it, you start to uncover this whole story within the painting. It's like a math problem waiting to be solved, but in a really artistic way.

Neutral Math Problem

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