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12" x 18"
Mixed Media Acrylic, art pencil, charcoal, pencil. on Paper
In the mesmerizing mixed-media paper painting titled "New Scars of a Broken Heart," the painting bears witness to the profound strength of a woman who has emerged as a true warrior through loss and heartbreak. Within this evocative artwork, layers of textures and colors represent the myriad emotions she's navigated on her journey.

Amidst the intricate collage of her experiences, her resilience shines through as a testament to her indomitable spirit. The title itself, "New Scars of a Broken Heart," suggests that while scars may mark the canvas of her heart, they also signify her enduring courage and capacity to heal. In the midst of life's trials, she continues to turn to God as the steadfast guardian of her heart, finding solace and strength in the belief that, even in the face of adversity, her heart remains in the hands of a higher power, forging a beautiful and enduring masterpiece from her enduring faith.

New Scars of a Broken Heart

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