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Diptych. two pieces on art on Canvas

But Sold Separately

12" x 48 each.  Together: 24" x 48"


My Newspaper at the Docks" series of two paintings unveils a captivating abstract portrayal that marries the tranquility of a coastal morning with the fluidity of emotion. Evoking the essence of a serene moment, the painting employs loose brushstrokes and tonal colors, evoking the hushed embrace of dawn's light.

The canvas becomes a playground for the imagination, where the dance of shades whispers stories as abstract forms intertwine. It's a glimpse into a personal memory, a scene where I found solace amidst the gentle lull of waves, the rustle of a newspaper, and the promise of a new day.

The artwork's abstract nature invites viewers to immerse themselves, connecting their own narratives to its canvas, while the title provides an inviting anchor, hinting at the unfolding contemplation of both individual moments and the vast expanse of the sea.


Heavily textured to create depth.  Color: Creams, Whites, Black, Grays and tone of all

Reading My Newspaper at the Docks 1

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