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24" x 36"

Canvas Painting with White Floater Frame.


Standing before my latest canvas, titled "Superimposed Matter," I'm captivated by the intricate dance of black lines that intertwine and diverge, weaving a tapestry of enigmatic beauty. Each stroke tells a story of thoughts and emotions converging, revealing the hidden connections that shape our world. The canvas becomes a portal to the unseen, where layers of meaning overlap and coalesce. "Superimposed Matter" invites the viewer to ponder the intricate interplay of the tangible and the intangible, reminding us that beneath the surface lies a universe of complexity waiting to be explored, understood, and embraced.


The markings on this canvas are carefully laid to ensure the eye dances around the painting.  Marks are made with black and white strokes to created some gray tones.

Superimposed Matter

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