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40" x 40"

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Paper on Canvas. Textured.


 'Surreal Symphony,' is a large abstract with a lot of texture created by mixed media papers. It was my hope to orchestrate a medley of enigmatic shapes and colors, harmonize marks to create a dance that captures the eye to roam around the canvas. A symphony of the surreal unfolds, where vibrant hues and ethereal forms entwine, resonating with the untamed cadence of dreams. With each stroke, the marks invites the eye explore the canvas, create memories of the mind, and eventually crafting a composition that echoes the intricate melodies of the subconscious. 'Surreal Symphony' shows the power of art to blur the lines between the tangible and the transcendent, beckoning the onlooker to embrace the enchanting enigma of the unknown."

Blues, Greens

Surreal Symphony

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