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16" x 20"

Canvas .78 with Black Frame


"Transcendental Breeze," is where reality and reverie entwine in a dance of tonal hues and bold contrasts. This painting captures a suspended moment, suffused with serenity from my within my soul.   The interplay of light, shadow, and bold   markings from a palette knife creates a landscape that blurs the line between the tangible and the transcendent. "Transcendental Breeze" beckons contemplation, offering a portal to a world where imagination soars and the ordinary is rendered extraordinary, inviting the on looker to journey through a canvas into a realm of captivating beauty and wonder from their own memories.


Layers of black and white abstract geometric palette knife paint strokes.  Grays are also produced through the mixing of paint,  Scratchings and pencil marks create interest.  A bold triangle mark creates a juxapositional mark.

Transcendental Breeze

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