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Thoughts Behind the Creation of "Orange Lipstick"

36" x 36" Orange Lipstick

As an abstract painter, I create from an inner part of my soul where my thoughts, passion and even desires at the moment are created. These thoughts become depicted onto the canvas. The colors I feel are never planned, but born from the layer before. Many times there is almost this symphony playing in my mind creating the strokes much like a composer creating their music. My father was a composer and I grew up watching him create and wondered what that felt like. I like to think today I emulate him in my own way.

Abstract art was once described by one of my collectors to be "curated" by each artist because of the artist's ability to clearly depict innermost feelings and emotions they are experiencing. Abstract art focuses on bringing out the freedom of the artist's spirit and soul rather than concentrating on any form.

When a collector purchases an abstract painting they are buying emotions and an intensely deep part of that artist. Deep, right? This almost magical event that transpires with the painting, becomes transferred to the collector. The collector's inner passion becomes alive as they connect with the abstract because as they stand before the painting, it becomes theirs. It is almost like the passion is passed from the artist to the collector in some mysterious protocol. It might take an instant transfer once the painting is in the collectors space, or some time as the painting and the collector get to know each other through this path of bonding.

There are times I almost see the collector in my mind for which my painting is supposed to be eventually created for, like a bond planned by God.

As I painted this painting, "Orange Lipstick" I created it with this full body style painting. This means, the brushes and strokes were created with strong movement and abandonment!! This painting, like many others started with words from the artist's thoughts. There was an almost deep anger that needed to be worked out, which seems to always translate into the full body strokes. COVID took from us all something, but also replaced that void with this hope of what was to be born... soon. I, as the artist knew there was not going to be a return to the familiar, but a replaced renewing in all of us. The entire world went through this life altering event. Just as there were several layers of renewed hope, the artist felt like there needed to be layers in her painting while creating it. The several layers on the top layer are bit less movement but more blended colors. The artist felt like the entire world felt this event and the healing was worldwide again like a blending of emotions. The colors were blended with her brushes, fingers, and tools.

While the artist did NOT want to be reminded once again about COVID, she did want a celebration of the triumph that was happening. The words of her heart (to be kept to the artist until the painting is sold!) to the layers of color, to the blending, it all came together. An awaking happened as the painting created.

As masks are soon to be removed, orange was added with the excitement that lipstick can again be worn. I never wear orange lipstick but I will wear a color I never wore before to celebrate the experience of new hope during this time!!

The artist felt she learned a lot during this time. When the world stood still, she took this time to look inward for outward growth.

Abstract art is open to interpretation, and that is one of the beautiful things about it. ... Abstract art gives the on looker the freedom to explore the artwork and assign their own meaning to each piece. For the collector, this intensely personal process enriches the experience of their own piece.

"Art provides an avenue to express our imagination (things, places, ideas that are unreal or unknowable) in a very personal way."

It is an experience deeper than the written word which has a definite meaning. Abstract art portrays these feelings .... which I think is incredible. And even more incredible, is the way the painting AND some of the feelings can be transferred to the collector. I am not sure there is any other style of art that can do this!! (at least from this artist's perspective)

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