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Using Texture in My Painting... what does that mean for you?

Upon looking at my paintings, you can tell in many of my creations, there is depth and texture. Texture adds incredible interest and allows the eye to find places on the painting that evokes emotion and the question of ... how did the artist do that?

One of the ways I add texture to my art is with what artist’s call, “mark making” with tools.

I use several techniques and many tools in my painting process.

I have many tools, from ones that might be recognized to ones that I have hand made. I have become obsessed with looking for unique tools to use in my paintings that stimulate the mind.

I had one client ask me to create a painting with marks I had never used before just for their painting!!! I did this with vegetables that I cut up into shapes and used as my stamps. I then threw them away as this ensured the marks in their painting were one of a kind!!

I want to provide a journey for the collector around my art as I create each painting, I allow the canvas to tell me what it needs along the way. I also look to the surrounds of the room to suggest to me possible marks.

If you look at this bedroom, you can see texture in the throw on the bed, the baskets in the corner, even in the leafs of the plants. These textures talk to me and then I go looking for tools to compliment those textures, either to compliment or even distract from the norm!

I love marks in my painting the create a wonder and the question... “how did she do that?” I find I stop in my local thrift store and migrate back to the kitchen or tools section and dig through boxes of old forgotten utensils or antique tools for my newest treasure for a unique mark

Some of the best marks can be made with things you find in your house. In my art called “Epiphany" 20" x 30” (see below) I used sponges, trowels, stencils, scrapes, Stamps, a comb through wet paint and I am sure much more that might not be seen easily.

I use mark making in the initial stage of my creation of my art, during my art and as finishing touches. Many times marks made in the early stages are covered, but they were the inspiration for the next mark on that canvas. Mark making is an almost secret tool for me. It provides that step between a regular mark into the catalyst of the direction for the rest of the painting.

While the paint is wet, I scrape, scratch, stamp or mark words into the paint. Here are some of the techniques I use:


Random marking

Patterned stamping

Combing paint

Brushing with feathers, nature, etc.

Corrugated card marking

Fingers (my best tool!!)


Sgraffito - writing in the paint with a tool

One of the aspects of painting that distinguishes my art as an artist is my style of mark-making. As much fun that I have as an artist finding

these tools, using these tools, I hope that you will enjoy looking for them in my art.

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